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Committed to Excellence

With a  managerial background spanning over 18 years, predominantly in organisations such as the John Lewis partnership and Wickes, I currently run my own business, Libra Counselling in Dorset and Paul Sanders Coaching (UK). More recently I've engaged in start up businesses aimed at providing solution-focused therapy for staff and teachers in Dorset schools to discuss and support their own mental health and well-being, counselling training for students on placement, and live and online presentations for professionals requiring continuing professional development hours and accredited certification. 


I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse age groups, spanning from senior adults to very young children. My specialised experience extends to supporting and addressing individual’s complex cases including behavioural issues and disorders with sensitivity and professionalism. 

I have worked along side multiple mental health support agencies including the YMCA, The Listening Ear and Mosaic, with the latter taking me into schools to attend directly to children’s counselling.

Paul Sanders Coaching Ltd extends my techniques within a therapeutic framework to support employees in addressing personal and professional challenges, enhancing their well-being, and maximising their potential in the work place. I create a supportive and non-judgmental space where employees feel comfortable expressing themselves and addressing any issues affecting their performance or overall well-being, including work-related stress, interpersonal conflicts, career transitions, or personal development goals by fostering greater self-awareness, resilience, and interpersonal skills.

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